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Title: Unity ( 2019)

Medium: Video

Running Time: 3min 47

Closed Open Call- Project Mail Art [Nature Bed: leaving and sending away with love]

I was looking for international artists to join my project. I shipped flowers Stacy Bloom Rexrode, Annie Y. Saldana, Jackie Clark, Rola Khayyat, Daryl-Ann Saunders, Sophie Lee and Taline Ekmekjian. I asked that they take a photo of the flowers in any way that they like and send it back to me by email or #blondjenny.  This project allowed us to share a connection through our work even though we were were participating from different parts of the world.  


Nature Bed: leaving and sending away with love   

Red Flowers: Life

White Flowers: Death and Heaven

Yellow Flowers: Happy Memories

Please use the flowers as a decoration or throw them somewhere in a place you love (like on the grass, in a park, pond, river, or even your bathtub). Afterwards, please take a picture or video and post with #blondjenny or it to me.

For more information about this project check my Facebook page

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Title: Nature Bed (2018) 
Media: Video
Running Time: 7 min 33

I made my nature bed to celebrate life and the afterlife. I made my first nature bed in Pennsylvania in the Summer when there were lots of flowers I could collect. I recreated the bed at Bushwick Open Studio last month. It started as an empty bed and I asked my visitors to add flowers to the bed however they liked. I took photos of the bed after each visitor’s contribution. The last visitor was able to lay down and could enjoy the bed. My next project will be on Oct 21st during an upcoming studio tour so the visitors can participate in my project.

This nature bed is my exploration of a funeral. Flowers are life and the afterlife. We are always surrounded by nature and will go back to nature. I show that life is short and nature can have the answer for many of my questions.

Title: Can’t go back to the river (2018) 
Media: Video
 Running Time: 4 min 20 / 3 min 
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In this video, life is short and beautiful. I begin by burning rose petals. The petals represent my life as a part of nature.

I then express my art using a strawberry that I would have otherwise eaten. This is me giving my life to my work.

My performance as a cocoon is my transformation into a butterfly. Life flashes by in the time it takes for a butterfly to open and close its wings.  Lying down on my flower bed is where I can totally embrace nature.

My journey is almost over at the river. It is the point from where I cannot return.

I end at the rough, wavy sea where birds fly away as my guides to the sky.


Title: Breathing-Bound (2018)

Media: Video

Running Time: 3 min 16

Poland Feminist Artist Magdalena Abakanowicz said, “Art will remain the most astonishing activity of mankind born out of a struggle between wisdom and madness, between dream and reality in our mind.”

Like she said we are always struggling in our mind with outside powers. However, only art will remain pure to help build up our ideas of expression. Where we are going and what is your goal? Why do we have to struggle with circumstances? The reason is the freedom we have inside is not as strong as the powers outside. In the video, the snowstorm surrounds our daily life adding stress and worries. I couldn’t see or walk. I was cold, suffering from the weather. I can’t think about my goal or enjoy my environment. After the snow storm is gone, I could listen to and see nature from two angles of the view. It felt like nature was with me from the 360 camera’s third person viewer with much brighter, more colorful moving images that could give dynamic energy. After the sea, you can see the snow storm again. I enjoy two different views and stories with the regular view of the movie and the variety of 360 angles. Overall with two stories, I show how our lives are connected and bound together and what is important to us.

My recent work is focused on zen therapy through nature.

This work is inspired by David Lynch’s movie “Lost Highway” and his influence on my college days.

 Title: Dream Talk Video Installation (2017)

Video Running Time: 3 min 16

Size: 29.5 x 47 x 29 inches

Medium: Soft-gloss acrylic paint and dried flower petals on the table with a resin coating and accompanying video projection

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A dream of mother nature and where we will have our reunion.

I show that nature can heal our subconscious and body. Nature surrounds us and gives us energy. You sit at the nature table, watch the video, then we discuss our dreams together. My dream is to be in nature with my loved ones without any anxiety in our lives. What’s yours?

Title: Air Walk ( 2017)

Medium: Video

Running Time: 04:09 min

I used a 360 camera to capture nature and art; the joys of my life. The nature at the beginning is the birth of life. The transition to the colorful city highlights the innocence of adolescence. Finally, in death, we return back to the silence of nature. The 360 view captures more than just our narrow first person perspective which led to the title Air Walk. This is the view we have as spirits after we leave our bodies. I am the air that can fly in the sky and freely go anywhere I please. I am the air; surrounded by air.

Title: Closed Timelike Curve (2018) 

Medium: Video

Running Time: 02:30min

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I took this video at Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park in Santa Cruz, CA.

The air was so clean and the breeze made me feel at home. Giant trees showed me the history of life. A new landscape and unrecognizable plants as if I had traveled in time.



Title: American Bear and Blond Jenny (2013) 

Medium: Video

My work tells the story of the two sides of my life. I’ve been using both photography and painting to convey imagery that consists of true and false, reality and fiction. I express opposite ideas (North and South Korea, Apple and Samsung, Korea and America, Western United States and the Eastern United States). My artwork shows the utopia of different ideas coexisting together for a better good. In my work, two different images are connected by one. For example, my imaginary animation character with real humans or a sculpture of bear highlight issues of communication. My work is based on things I love like a bear, family, friends, and my national identity. Taking the bear as an example, I made a story which about an American bear. I talk about the American bear and Jenny which is my fantasy character. They are strangers that become friends. I like telling a story using a character in a short stop motion format as inspired by Charlie Chaplin movies.