Yeo/ Woman

Yeo Nature Bed(2020)

Nature bed makes me feel so peaceful. It was my second piece at my father in law’s house in PA. I lay down on the Earth and have a peaceful deep sleep.
I made my nature bed become closer to Mother Nature. The lovely smell of lilies and roses made me so happy and romantic.

Yeo Into The Earth(2020)
The story is life and death. After the farmer cut the corn, I thought about the circle of life in the field. My beautiful artificial flower letters spell Yeo, which means woman. Like me, women will grow in this dry land. It is my metaphor for a tomb because eventually, we all go back to nature.
International Women’s Show (2019)
Title: Nature Bed Interactive 
Year: 2019 
Medium: Flowers on fabric 
Size: 5×7 feet 
Nature Reimagined; Progress video link

Nature bed is a celebration of life and the afterlife. It is my exploration of a funeral. I made my first nature bed in Pennsylvania in the Summer when there were lots of flowers I could collect. I recreated the bed at Bushwick Open Studio this past year. It started as an empty bed and I asked my visitors to add flowers to the bed however they liked. I took photos of the bed after each visitor’s contribution. The last visitor was able to lay down and could enjoy the bed. This project was displayed during the International Women’s Show to celebrate unity so the visitors can participate in my project. We are always surrounded by nature and will go back to nature. I show that life is short and nature has the answer for many of my questions. 

The collaboration started during Bushwick Open Studio 2018
Progress video link

My Nature Bed Installation (2018) work was a spiritual experience for me.

I collected flowers at my father in law’s farmhouse in Pennsylvania where I created my first Nature Bed. After that, I wanted to share the process with artists and art lovers who came to my open studio in Bushwick.

As a woman artist, I try to heal myself and society through nature because people have lost their ability to connect. Nature Bed is the experience of my funeral that I am sharing with the world. I came from Mother Nature and will go back to nature. This is the celebration of life and death. For me, it is peaceful and free from interruption.

My second Nature Bed was a collaboration with amazing artists including Marilla Palmer, Zee Bdr, Eva FC Muller, Nina Kuriloff, Marne, Kenneth, Nicole, Eleanor, and Taline.

Sending Away Love- International Art Collaboration

I shared my flower petals with artists and art lovers all over the world.
Here is my progress and results