Title: My Earth(2021)
Size: 13 x 13 
Material: eggshells,dried flower petals on canvas

I picked three colors for the ‘Black & White’ project. I used eggshells to describe life and death, also black and white. I painted the eggshells black on the outside and left the inside of the shells white. I connected the white and black sections with yellow flower petals. The yellow flowers give energy and contrast. The circle canvas frame is my Earth; covered with local spring flowers that I collected from the mountain in my neighborhood and the eggshells from my daily meals. We (Black, White, Yellow, and more) are here to make one voice in unity.

Title: Break Glazed Bread(2021)
Size: 7x7x2 inches
Medium: rubber donuts, eggshells, and ceramic dish

My piece ‘Break Glazed Bread’ isn’t my regular meal. It is my wish; the continuation of my first work, My Earth. I prepared two donuts coated with black, white, and yellow-gold eggshells. Since breakfast is important to start the day, I used organic charcoal, white, and golden-baked eggs from a local farmer. I broke the shells to decorate these special breakfast donuts and share them with everyone. I wish we could all break bread together and enjoy this piece in unity.

Title: Whiteblack(2021)
Size: 7 x 10 inches
Medium: Matte board, cotton fabric, thread

I made the word ‘Whiteblack’ meaning we all are one. There is no fighting, only peace. 

I used contrast to highlight the equality of the differences. The letters are located on the bottom like deep breathing to relax into our subconscious and exist together in peace.