Mystery Syncopation (2020)
Medium: Video
Running Time: 2min 15

On the bamboo mountain, you can feel the wind and hear the leaves moving around like dancers.
I found a worm in the wind that was trying to go somewhere without any noise. I am the worm going to the next chapter in my life. There are always challenges and the wind is the environment that I have to fight. I am surrounded by wind.

Title: Unity ( 2019)
Medium: Video
Running Time: 2 min 22
Life is short and beautiful. I use nature to talk about life and death. A man, a woman, and other people are all living in this tiny world. We are a part of beautiful Mother Nature. She is amazing and in the afterlife, we will go back to Her. In the beginning, you will see the man and woman are surrounded by a butterfly dancing tree. People ultimately go back to Mother Nature to become one.
Title: Ocean Spider ( 2019)
Medium: Video
Running Time: 3 min 12
The Ocean Spider presents a different perspective of Mother Nature. The movement, clean sand, and skyline create a dreamy hypnosis. I love New York City but I also love nature. After so many years of city life, I realized that I needed nature. While traveling to South Carolina’s Folly Beach I found a beautiful location where the pier was the convergence of a manmade structure and the ocean. With this piece, my goal is to bring nature to the city like a souvenir.
I shot the video in the morning and afternoon to capture two different types of lighting. Each of these represents a different feeling. Early in the morning is cool and clear which gives me a feeling of calmness. In the afternoon, the brighter light and color gives me a feeling of happiness.
Title: Honey Bee City (2019)
Media: Video
Running Time: 1 min 41

The Vessel was designed by Thomas Heatherwick and I was amazed by the size and open concept of the futuristic architecture. I felt that I was a bee in its honeycomb. At this point, we needed an artistic alternative to old New York. It is a grand city and it is alive; moving with a diversity of colors, patterns, and materials. We are the bees in this society.
Title: Green Beetle (2019)
Media: Video
Running Time: 3 min 20

Man, woman, goldfish, water, trees, and the sky have become a green beetle.
We are surrounded by Mother Nature and our movements combine in beautiful harmony.
My intent is to preserve the pristine environment as a way to advocate conservation and sustainability.

Title: Can’t go back to the river (2018)
Media: Video
Running Time: 2 min 8

In this video, life is short and beautiful. I begin by burning rose petals. The petals represent my life as a part of nature. I then express my art using a strawberry that I would have otherwise eaten. This is me giving my life to my work. My performance as a cocoon is my transformation into a butterfly. Life flashes by in the time it takes for a butterfly to open and close its wings. Lying down on my flower bed is where I can totally embrace nature. My journey is almost over the river. It is the point where I cannot return. I end at the rough, wavy sea where birds fly away as my guides to the sky.
Title: Air Walk ( 2017)
Medium: Video
Running Time: 04:09 min

I used a 360 camera to capture nature and art; the joys of my life. The nature at the beginning is the birth of life. The transition to the colorful city highlights the innocence of adolescence. Finally, in death, we return back to the silence of nature. The 360 view captures more than just our narrow first person perspective which led to the title Air Walk. This is the view we have as spirits after we leave our bodies. I am the air that can fly in the sky and freely go anywhere I please. I am the air; surrounded by air.
Title: American Bear and Blond Jenny (2013)
Medium: Video
Running Time: 01:52 min

My work tells the story of the two sides of my life. I’ve been using both photography and painting to convey imagery that consists of true and false, reality and fiction. I express opposite ideas (North and South Korea, Apple and Samsung, Korea and America, Western United States and the Eastern United States). My artwork shows the utopia of different ideas coexisting together for a better good. In my work, two different images are connected by one. For example, my imaginary animation character with real humans or a sculpture of bear highlight issues of communication. My work is based on things I love like a bear, family, friends, and my national identity. Taking the bear as an example, I made a story about an American bear. I talk about the American bear and Jenny which is my fantasy character. They are strangers that become friends. I like telling a story using a character in a short stop motion format as inspired by Charlie Chaplin movies.