Nature Reimagined

Newsletter Vol 3

<Impossible Spaces Exhibition, Block 2 Gallery, Downtown Raleigh, NC>

Title: Air Walk (2017)
Running Time: 4:09
Address: 239 Fayetteville St, Raleigh, NC
The video will be starting around 8:15 pm till dawn.
The exhibition will be up until Memorial Day.

<Mixed Media, Flower Gun 2018>

Project January 2018 — Present: Flowers from the center of the universe: traveling time, space and finding the way for myself

Lately, I’ve rotated my work between social activism on one side and capturing my feelings in nature on the other. This provides a balance for me that sometimes releases tension and other times brings me peace and tranquility. In this nature work, I want to express my womanhood. This is my a self-portrait. Nature unreleased my honesty and through it I find my existence. I collected these flowers and leaves, dried them, then used them to illustrate my story. This process brings me closer to nature which is a source of joy and satisfaction for me.

I use flower petals in my other recent work. This includes creating images of guns and weapons I see in the news. I use dried flowers as a form of therapy. I’m creating other weapon imagery with natural media like cement, wood, and stones. Some found objects from nature I use to create my bloom of happiness to contrast the negativity I feel from the news of events like the Florida shooting. In the Flower Grenade, I wore a military uniform and helmet with a flower overlay to represent a different vision of war where I’m sharing flowers instead of fighting. My intent is to show that with nature or flowers war cannot happen because we will share the love

<Nature Bed Installation: Interactive 2018-9 > 

Nature bed is a celebration of life and the afterlife. It is my exploration of a funeral. I made my first nature bed in Pennsylvania in the Summer when there were lots of flowers I could collect. I recreated the bed at Bushwick Open Studio this past year. It started as an empty bed and I asked my visitors to add flowers to the bed however they liked. I took photos of the bed after each visitor’s contribution. The last visitor was able to lay down and could enjoy the bed. This project will be during the International Women’s Show to celebrate unity so the visitors can participate in my project.
We are always surrounded by nature and will go back to nature. I show that life is short and nature has the answer for many of my questions.