The Understanding of Nature

Nature Drawing#2

December 8, 2017 MIX MEDIA

Title: Nature Drawing#2 Medium: Dried flower petals on canvas with resin Size: 12 x 16 x 1 inches Nature Drawing Lately I’ve soiled my work between social activism on one side and capturing my feelings in nature on the other. This provides a balance for me that sometimes releases tension and other times brings me peace and tranquility. In this nature work, I want to express my womanhood. This is my a selfportrait. Nature unleases my honesty and through it IRead More


November 25, 2017 VIDEO

Air Walk ( 2017) Running Time: 04:09 min I used a 360 camera to capture nature and art; the joys of my life. The nature at the beginning is the birth of life. The transition to the colorful city highlights the innocence of adolescence. Finally, in death we return back to the silence of nature. The 360 view captures more than just our narrow first person perspective which led to the title Air Walk. This is the view we haveRead More