“I’m a flower and like all women am a part of mother nature.We have the  power to heal everything in society. We can make the world a better place with our love and care.” -Blond Jenny 

Blond Jenny is a painter, photographer, and filmmaker. Her work is a mix of storytelling through her alter ego, cartoon character Blond Jenny, her self-portraits, found objects from nature, 360-degree photos and videos.
Her recent work is focused on nature, women’s rights, and American politics. She uses video and self-photography with mix media to expand the range of expression in her photography.
She continues to develop techniques so she can challenge the boundaries of her expression. She likes to explore new media and play with it as part of her overall story. Her intent is to show that with nature or flowers we can be more connected and happy. She has found freedom in nature and continues to explore the path between life, death, and beyond.

Recent exhibits include Pow(h)er, Benjamin J. Dineen III and Dennis C. Hull Gallery, New Jersey; Video Art Department for Splice Film Fest Finalist Award Winner (2nd Place), New York City ;  MiraBan Video Art Showcase, Official Selection,  Milan, Italy ;Geumgang Nature Art Biennale, South Korea ; Block 2 Video Exhibition Artist Honorarium Raleigh, NC; Feminism Media Artivist Biennale Short Film Exhibit, South Korea and Photography Department for Kathryn Markel Fine Arts.  Her work has also been selected by the following shows Hipster & Otaku Photography Exhibition CICA Museum; Trending: Contemporary Art Now Exhibition Target Gallery for the Women’s Caucus for Art; and Duality of Feminine and Feminist Exhibition Gallery 66.

“Blond Jenny’s relationship to nature is intimate, even erotic, in her self-portrait with purple freesias. Floral images have long been a stand-in for sexuality, but in Blond Jenny’s decoupaged panels are more explicit.” – Marilla Palmer

Blond Jenny Origin  In 2006 I adopted the alias Blond Jenny (no “e”). It came from a cartoon character I watched as a child. The character’s name was Blonde Jenny (with an “e”) but when I decide on my name, I wanted it to have a different meaning.  In French blond and blonde correspond to masculine and feminine forms. This distinction is not consistently made in English. My Blond Jenny mask has one form but it can be worn by a woman or man. When I use my mask with long hair and a dress, people perceive me as a woman doll. If I wore a man’s outfit and short hair, people would see a man. I wanted to use my mask and my artistic experience to remove the limits of gender and increase my freedom of expression so I made my name blond (no “e”).


EDUCATION  Gachon University, Fine Arts, BFA & MFA, South Korea


2020 The 10th Geumgang Nature Art Biennale, Video Exhibit, South Korea

2018 The 8th Geumgang Nature Art Biennale,Video Exhibit, South Korea

2016 Feminism Media Artivist Biennale Short Film Exhibition, South Korea


2020 Art Fair 14C Juried Show, NJ 

2016  Hong Kong Affordable Art Fair, Hong Kong

2015  Padova Art Fair, Padova Italy

           Clio Art Fair, NY

2014  Spectrum Miami Art Show, Miami, FL 


2020  Splice Film Fest Video Art,  Finalist Award Winner (2nd Place),  Brooklyn, New York 

2019   MiraBan Video Art Showcase, Official Selection,  Milan, Italy

           Block 2, Video Exhibition – Artist Honorarium, Raleigh, NC

2018   MiraBan Art Showcase, Circolo Aternino, Italy

           MiraBan Art Showcase, Via Latina, Rome Italy

           RISE: Empower, Change, and Action, Whitney Modern Gallery, CA

2017   Loss & Lucidity, Santora Space 205, Santa Ana, CA

           Luminous, Arc Gallery, SF

           Bushwick’s Seeking Space Show, Beyond Studios, NY

           Me, My Selfie and I, Hudson Guild Gallery, NY

            SuperWoman, 107 Bowers Gallery, NJ

           Duality of Feminine and Feminist,Gallery66, NY

2016  NCWCA-sponsored “F*ck U! In the Most Loving Way”, Arc Gallery,SF

           Call For Bushwick, The Internet, Brooklyn, NY

           Vision: An Artist’s Perspective, Kaleid Gallery, San Jose, CA

           A Curious Reality: Union Street Gallery, Chicago, IL

           Hipster & Otaku Photography Exhibition, CICA Museum, South Korea

           Trending: Contemporary Art Now, Target Gallery, VA

2015   Contemporary Photography Exhibition,CICA Museum, South Korea

            Transforming: Street Objects from Your Street to Main Street,  Site:Brooklyn Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

           Dreamers Collection Exposure Award, Louvre Museum, Paris France

           Working Artists Show, Academic Gallery, NY


2020   Women Artist Group Exhibition, Dacia Gallery, NY

2019   Loss & Lucidity Show, Fabrica Braco de Prata, Lisbon, Portugal

           Pow(h)er show, The Hudson County Community College, NJ

           National WCA – Bridge the gap, A.I.R. Gallery, NY

           Woman’s Show, 107 Bowery Gallery, NJ

2018   The Hot House, Kathryn Markel Fine Arts, NY

            Power Ts, Pierogi Gallery, NY

            Eight – Year Anniversary Exhibition, Dacia Gallery, NY

            WCA NYC’s Pleasures of the Earth, Callahan Center Art Gallery, NY

            Loss & Lucidity, Santora Space 205, CA

            Kapow! Heroic Women Exhibition,  The Pacific Pinball Museum, CA

2017   Multi-Lane II, Demouzy Contemporary Gallery, NY

            Heroes Last Waltz International Group Show, Charaple Gallery, NY

            Nasty Women,  Knockdown Gallery, NY

2016    Love Exhibition, Karas Gallery, Seoul Korea

             Potluck Art Party “Eat, Drink and Celebrate Art”, Charaple, NY

             Six Years Anniversary Exhibition, Dacia Gallery, NY

             Pop up show, K&P Gallery, NY

             Engagement & Entrapment exhibition, Gaia Gallery, South Korea

             Landscapes & Cityscapes, Dacia Gallery, NY

2015    Salonukah, Trestle Gallery, NY

            Artists Donate in record numbers for AIDS , Compass, Miami, FL

            Prize Mantovart-star 2015, Mantova Italy

            Digital display, Dreamers Collection Spectrum Miami Art Show, FL

            Open Call, Lorimoto, NY

            ARTichoke, Townhall, NY

            MOCA Gallery Night at Yellow Rose Gallery, Madison, WI

            LoveWins show RCB Gallery, Miami, FL

            Last Dance at the Old Gem, NY

            The beautiful foundation USA Gala, Marriott At Glenpointe, NJ

             Luhring Augustine, Postcards from The Edge, NY

             SIA Gallery, The Artists, NY

2014    Who are you Famalicão?, The Town hall of Vila Nova de Famalicão, Portugal

            ARTichoke, Townhall, NY

            8 Holes, Studio 481 Gallery, Piermont, NY

            8 Holes, Townhall, NY

            Sainte Chapelle Online workshop, Italy

           Making a Mark, Oms Gallery, BBCN Bank, NY

           Green Point Gallery group exhibit, NY

2013  Group exhibit, Yegam Gallery, NY

2011  Pop Seiren, Ben James, South Korea

           Character Replay, Anthracite, South Korea

2008  Final cross energy wave, Charaple, South Korea

           Benefit Show_ Brain Factory, South Korea

2006  Street art Festival, South Korea

           Kyoungwon University Gallery, South Korea

2005  The 7th Seoul Fringe Festival, South Korea

           Survival, Pool Gallery, South Korea

2003  Sicaf, South Korea

          Seoul Animation Center, South Korea

          A4 Art for No War, Cafe Siwol, South Korea


2013  Berkeley Gallery, Manhattan, NY

2009  Charaple, South Korea

2008  Charaple, South Korea

2003  Brainfactory, South Korea